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Is it Time to Replace My Air Conditioner?

Our air conditioners play a great role in giving us comfort especially during summer months. An air conditioner that’s well taken care of can be operational even after many years of use.

While air conditioners are indeed a big help, they can be very expensive that many people who have encountered problems with their air conditioning, they do everything they can to save the air-conditioning appliance rather than buying a new one to replace the broken unit.

Still, even after taking excellent care of your air conditioning unit, nothing lasts forever. There will still come a time when you will need to buy a brand new air conditioning unit to replace an old one.

One of the ways to tell if it’s the right time to replace your air conditioner is by finding out how old your unit is. Most units show signs of problems and inefficiency after more than 10 years of being used. However, just because your air conditioning unit is more than 10 years old, doesn’t mean you have to purchase another one right away. Some air conditioners last up to more than 15 years. Only replace your unit if you have bought it more than a decade ago AND it is starting to act up.

Another sign that your air conditioner needs replacement is when you have spent a lot of money having it repaired again and again over the last few months.

Your air conditioner emitting weird noises is also a sign that it’s time to let it go. Weird sounds that weren’t there when you have first bought your AC unit are an indication that something is not functioning well inside your unit.

When your electric bills have significantly increased without justifiable explanation, your inefficient air conditioning system might be the one to blame. Some old air conditioning units cause an extreme increase in utility bills as a result of them working twice as hard because of deterioration. Also, there are newer models of air conditioning units that were specifically designed to save energy. So, in replacing your old air conditioner, you might be hitting two birds with one stone.

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